Summer Camp

Summer Camp Mashup 2013 Recipe!

1. Take one amazing and super fun camp theme
2. Smash it together with another completely different, but equally awesome camp theme
3. Mix both together by hand or in a blender
4. Pour mixture over your head and enjoy!
(serves approximately 250 children)

Welcome to JJ Summer Mashup 2013 where your imagination gets to run wild and your sense of adventure leads the way. Cowboys go surfing, dinosaurs in outer space, Disco invades Medieval England and Elvis may be spotted in the Rainforest? Believe it! And be fully prepared for a summer with all the right ingredients for fun and memories.

So Much More Than Summer Camp!

Since 1953, Jack and Jill School has been providing dynamic and thoughtful children’s programs for thousands of families. We believe that, more than ever, our school & summer camp provides our kids with the opportunity to discover their potential, explore the world around them and develop the abilities and character traits that will allow them to be leaders in the future.

Jack and Jill Summer Camp is about letting kids be kids and guiding them on the road to becoming great people. Our goal is simple — to grow happy, healthy kids — and we choose to do this through the wonder of our Summer Camp.

Summer Camp Schedule & Mashup Themes

June 10-14 American Idol Sports
Theme 1: American Idol J&J Style
Theme 2: Sports

What do singing and sports have in common? Not a thing except we’ve mashed the 2 together as we sing in our group games…whether we are playing volleyball, soccer, basketball, football or kickball..we will do it all, the American Idol Way!! This is sure to be a crowd pleaser! :)

June 17-21 Pirates of the Pyramids
Theme 1: Ancient Egypt
Theme 2: Pirates

The Pharaoh is our Captain, as we set sail down the Nile in search of buried treasure. With King Tut Blackbeard on the horizon, we’ll hoist the colors and journey through a world filled with pyramids, pirates, and the Egyptian Sphynx. So…avast ye!

June 24-28 Big Top Secret
Theme 1: Super Spies Theme
Theme 2: The Circus

Your mission, if you choose to accept it, will be to enter the strange world of circus. Undercover, you will learn how to be a clown, walk a tight rope and perform great feats of strength and death defying acts of bravery. The goal of your mission is to have as much fun as possible as a secret agent under the big top!

July 1-5 Totally Tubular Great American Bake Off
Theme 1: 80s Decade Theme
Theme 2: The Great American Bake Off

Like, what could be more totally awesome than a week of Great American baking stuck in the 80’s?

Like..nothing! :)

Get completely psyched for an off the hook week of 80’s music, dress, mullets and baking mayhem. Yes, we’re gonna dance. Yes, we’re gonna create our own edible treats and have a GREAT American JJ Bake-Off and YES!! We’re gonna celebrate the independence of our GREAT country!

July 8-12 Heart of a Hero
Theme 1: Super Heroes Theme
Theme 2: Health and Fitness

What makes a hero? Superpowers, muscles, x-ray vision? No, what makes a hero is all wrapped up in you. Shrunken down to microscopic size, we’ll explore the human body and discover what’s really incredible and fascinating. Then you’ll discover that the secret to being a Super Hero Character is all about…your character!

July 15-19 Recess at 20K Leagues Under the Sea
Theme 1: Under the Sea Theme
Theme 2: Recess

The bell rings and its recess time!! Except here, recess is an undersea world where playing and staying wet is the name of the game. Wanna play kickball? It’s wet. How about soccer? Soaking wet. All your normal recess games and obstacle courses …wet, wet and more wet!! :) Get the idea??

July 22-26 Cowabunga Corral
Theme 1: California Coast
Theme 2: Rodeo Cowboys

Dude, we have arrived in California for 840 fantabulous miles of awesome beachfront, surf and West Coast memories to be made. From the boardwalk in Long Beach to the Golden Gate of San Francisco, the JJ RV is tearing up the miles to bring you the best of Nor Cal, So Cal and everything California in between!

July 29-Aug. 2: Groovy Rainforest Adventure
Theme 1: The 60’s
Theme 2: Rainforest Adventure

Be on the Lookout!!! You might spot Elvis or The Beatles on our wacky week of Rainforest Adventures. Tye-Dyes, S’mores, Campfire songs and more will be all the rage this week.

August 5-9 Saturday Knight Fever
Theme 1: Medieval Times
Theme 2: Disco Dance

Castle Guard: “Me Lord, the castle has been besieged by strange invaders in polyester jump suits yelling Boogie Down.”

King: “Gather all your knights and ladies and tell them we must get Funky with it.”

Castle Guard: “Right on Sire, I can dig it!”

August 12-16 Jack & Jill is CLOSED for summer vacation

August 19-23 Intergalactic Jurassic Adventure
Theme 1: Dinosaurs
Theme 2: Outer Space

Dinosaurs and Outer Space: The final frontier. These are the voyages of the JJ Starship. It’s five-day mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out dinosaurs of all types and sizes, to boldly go where no Jack and Jill camper has gone before…

August 26-30 Super Summer Smash Up
Theme 1: Camper Favorites
Theme 2: Our Favorites

We’ve mashed together some of you favorite events and camp activities for one amazing end of the summer ‘super mash’. Prepare to celebrate Jack and Jill Camp with all the fun of several weeks into five camp days.