Teach MrsCox ChefChanTuMrs. Cox (Owner/Director) with our fabulous Chef Chan Tu!

Teach MrsDurvinMrs. Durvin and her Pre-K class getting ready to play Alphabet Bingo with “A”pple Jacks for the letter “A”.

Teach MrsPamMrs. Pam baking with a few Afterschoolers!

Teach MrsBuchananMrs. Buchanan one of our fabulous Preschool teachers!

Teach MrsMaytonKindergarten with Mrs. Mayton!

Teach CoachCCoach C with a few Afterschoolers playing football!

Teach MrsNiketaYoga with Mrs. Niketa’s 3 year old class! What fun!

Teach MrsCathyMrs. Cathy with her 2½-3 yr old class.

Teach MrsHeatherMrs. Heather and Mrs. Buchanan at our Annual Mother’s Day Breakfast!